My name is Kerry Yaz, and I am a Maidstone/Medway based qualified & experienced Pilates/Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer. I teach Group Exercise classes in a few local fitness clubs, as well as personal training & teaching posts in schools/companies.  I have been teaching classes/clients since 2003, and I am as passionate about teaching fitness today, as I was teaching my very first class!  

Would you like to look and feel better in yourself? Do you suffer with back pain, want to improve your posture, have joint problems, or suffer from a chronic medical condition and are unsure about which exercise to do?  Please read on…

Be fitter, stronger, & have family and friends compliment you on the way you look? Are you looking at weight loss, or maybe even weight gain? Do you lack energy, wish to improve your health & resistance to stress, and be able to enjoy life far more?

Kerry Yazdanfar in Pilates fitness pose

I can put together a personalised programme for you, using my training and experience in Pilates and fitness to make a difference that you would find hard to believe possible right now.  I will make it as enjoyable as possible, encouraging you every step along the way as I have with so many others, (please see my testimonials.)  I want results for my clients/participants, and if you’re committed to getting fitter, I am interested in working with you. If you were to purchase a new car the chances are it would only be with you for a few years, but your body is with you for life, not just on the road, but everywhere you go.  So why not give it the maintenance it deserves. I offer affordable, but quality fitness training.  

I work with people of all fitness levels. From those that have never stepped into a gym, to those looking for the next challenge. I offer a range of diverse services to suit all your health & fitness needs.

Have a look at my website, (including a page about back pain/care), and I hope to hear from you with your training/fitness objective and be able to help you achieve your fitness goals.