Michelle Brame

A penchant for all things sweet coupled with a bit of 30+ years spread, and post marriage contentment led me to search out Kerry for some guidance on how to get myself physically back on track, having always previously been fairly fit and trim. We talked about realistic and achievable goals and I began personal training with Kerry 5 months ago.
Any thoughts about an easy ride were immediately dispelled and its fair to say that Kerry means business and there’s no room for slacking. Her kick ass attitude and encouraging and motivational style of training has seen me push my body further than I would have believed possible and to date I have lost one stone, increased my stamina, significantly improved my bmi and am physically fitter than I’ve been for a couple of years.
A minor leg injury was no obstacle for Kerry who modified our sessions to accommodate this which helped maintain muscle tone during the recovery phase.
There is no doubt that Kerry lives, breathes and dreams fitness and her passion is contagious. I cannot recommend her highly enough and genuinely look forward to our sessions knowing that each time she’ll be pushing me further to make my body work harder. A true professional who is genuinely committed to her clients.