Fundraising Events

Fundraising Events

Nepalese Disaster

A Jump for Nepal.Fundraising Events

30th April, 2015


A Skydive from 13,200 feet !!!!! Weather permitting for the Nepalese disaster via the Disasters Emergency Committee. Please sponsor me! 🙂


Nepal Jump

I am a Fitness Instructor, based in Maidstone, and well into my forties…A Skydive is on my ‘Bucket List’, but something I never thought I would ever be brave enough to do.  A last minute opportunity has arisen for me to do this, at less than 48hrs notice.  Am freaking out … but my kids have told me to do it (hopefully for the right reasons!) And please, please make it worthwhile and sponsor me for this. I would ‘bail out’ if not sponsored. Thank you. Kez.

Thank you to everyone that sponsored me….