But don’t take their word for it, come to one of my pilates classes, book an online zoom class or a personal training session…

Gill Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
January 25, 2021

“Thank you. I thoroughly enjoy your classes , and my hip pain that I suffered with has completely gone since doing Pilates”  xx (Gill)

Jock Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
November 1, 2014

“I have had many Pilates instructors over the years some good some less so. Without doubt Kerry is the best of them all. I found her to be challenging and attentive, always observing and correcting us individually so that attendees got the most from their class. The sessions could be technically challenging but were always very enjoyable. Kerry works you hard and excels at managing mixed abilities so that everyone comes away feeling it’s all been worthwhile. I know many others who share the same view about Kerry. "

Jane Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
November 13, 2013

I have had the pleasure of working with Kerry since 2015 and have found her to be of great knowledge and inspiration. She always knows about the latest fitness techniques and knows what craze to follow. She manages to motivate, push and encourage her student's even when they are most uninspired, regardless of the time of day, the class, or the fitness level of the individual.  You just need to book in early as she’s so popular...

Mandy Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
October 2, 2013

Kerry Yaz was my Personal Trainer for 2 years, before I moved from the area. I chose Kerry, as I had heard she was a good Group Exercise Instructor, I had received positive feedback from 2 clients she had trained at the Club I belonged to. I was not disappointed! I told Kerry I wanted to lose a stone, and drop a dress size before my wedding. I attended weekly sessions, over a 10 week period. Kerry worked me damn hard, but always within my capabilities. I lost the extra stone I was carrying (plus an extra 21bs), and did indeed, reduce my dress size, prior to my wedding. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kerry as a Personal Trainer. Her sessions are well put together, motivating, and she has a 'knack' of making you feel really good about yourself...

Veronica Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
September 17, 2013

I have known Kerry for several years and have found her to be a competent and able teacher of Pilates. She copes very well with mixed ability groups keeping all levels stimulated and challenged by the skills. This often includes those who like myself suffer from arthritis and other degenerative conditions.
On a personal level she has been particularly supportive to me during my recovery from fairly major orthopaedic surgery and continues to support me in my ongoing recovery. I would not be walking as well as I am had not attended her classes.

Michelle Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
September 16, 2013

A penchant for all things sweet coupled with a bit of 30+ years spread, and post marriage contentment led me to search out Kerry for some guidance on how to get myself physically back on track, having always previously been fairly fit and trim. We talked about realistic and achievable goals and I began personal training with Kerry 5 months ago.
Any thoughts about an easy ride were immediately dispelled and its fair to say that Kerry means business and there's no room for slacking. Her kick ass attitude and encouraging and motivational style of training has seen me push my body further than I would have believed possible and to date I have lost one stone, increased my stamina, significantly improved my bmi and am physically fitter than I've been for a couple of years.
A minor leg injury was no obstacle for Kerry who modified our sessions to accommodate this which helped maintain muscle tone during the recovery phase.
There is no doubt that Kerry lives, breathes and dreams fitness and her passion is contagious. I cannot recommend her highly enough and genuinely look forward to our sessions knowing that each time she'll be pushing me further to make my body work harder. A true professional who is genuinely committed to her clients.

Craig Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
September 14, 2013

In my experience of the fitness industry, it’s extremely hard to find exceptional, respectful individuals that really stand out from the crowd. People that show passion for fitness as well as enthusiasm for their clients’ goals. Being able to be a part of the class without losing the professional touch. I’ve known Kerry for around 5 years, a very much loved instructor for her very friendly approach to fitness and her oozing thirst to learn and develop more, making her more of an icon than just another fitness instructor.
Since opening the first C5 Fitness Centre, (gymnasium and studios) I’ve always known that to build in business is to focus on the strengths… C5 is based on extreme personality and enthused fitness orientated individuals and that’s why, I’ve always known I’ve wanted Kerry teaching within the club.

Lisa Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
September 14, 2013

I have known Kerry for about 7 years, starting out as a class participant and more recently via personal training. I have always been impressed with Kerry's motivation and determination when teaching, you always now that you are going to get a great workout whilst being trained by Kerry, be it through Pilates or a more cardio based workout. Kerry also trained me during two pregnancies and was vey knowledgable on what I could do and always willing to assist and give me alternatives. Overall Kerry is a first class instructor and I am very proud to say I am trained by her.

David Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
September 11, 2013

I am delighted to have the opportunity to thank Kerry for all her help over the past year and to recommend her, as an excellent instructor. As a novice to Pilates in October 2012 and in an effort to improve declining flexibility in an ageing body, I attended one of her classes. Despite the class members obvious wide range of experience and ability, Kerry's professional and personable approach enabled me to settle easy within the group and to progress at a comfortable pace confident that I was in a very safe environment.
Our classes are always varied and challenging and there is an underlying reassurance that we are in very safe hands. Typically, after a short but thorough focus and warm up session, each exercise is preceded by a demonstration, firstly with the basic followed by more advanced options for those working at a higher level. Kerry is careful to outline the correct body position and breathing to be adopted, prior to the class exercising. She is very attentive to individual class members and her supervision is spot on, picking up on the slightest deviation in order to avoid any unnecessary strain or discomfort for muscles.
Personally in a relatively short time, I am amazed at how much more flexible, stronger and fitter I have become. I would urge anyone who feels that they no longer have their previous zest to give Pilates a try and of course choose Kerry as your instructor.

Em Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
September 11, 2013

For the past 3 years I have attended Kerry’s Pump, Vibe Cycle & Pilates classes. During this time I fell pregnant and had a healthy baby boy whilst being able to continue exercising under Kerry’s professional teaching throughout. Kerry stands apart from the rest, after trying several. She inspires you, from the first meeting, she is articulate in her teaching, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humour. You can be one of 4 or 20 in her class, and she makes time for you. She helped & advised me throughout my pregnancy, and post-natal, on appropriate exercising, and my midwife/health visitor were impressed with what I told them about her! I have no hesitation in recommending Kerry to any individual embarking/continuing on an exercise regime. This lady is an asset to the fitness industry...and I think she looks and is AMAZING!!!

Ann Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
September 6, 2013

"I have been attending Kerry's Fitball and Pilates classes for almost 7 years. From taking very little exercise previously, Kerry has helped me enormously to improve my flexibility, core strength and fitness level. She makes classes both challenging and enjoyable but is also able to cater for each individuals needs. A highly professional instructor and one I would definitely recommend."

Russell Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
September 6, 2013

"I feel more than lucky that I have found Kerry. She is not only a wonderful teacher, she is a wonderful person. I hope that everyone has the chance to experience Kerry’s patience, persistence and passion for the work of Pilates."

Lorraine Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
September 5, 2013

"I am 64 years of age with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Due to RA I had mobility problems so I decided to join a Pilates class to try and improve my flexibility. I have been attending classes with Kerry for 2 years and I feel very lucky to have picked her as she works with me and manages to adapt my needs within her class. In the time I have worked with Kerry I have improved my mobility by around 70% through improved posture resulting in a reduction on the strain on my joints.
It is hard to think about any form of exercise when you are in pain but working through it and being guided by both your body and Kerry can only bring improvement. Not only that it brings a great feeling of well being and normality to your life."

Leisha Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
September 4, 2013

“Kerry's pilates class I find is both safe and challenging with a strong emphasis on correct postural alignment. She accepts all the difficulties people present with calm confidence, altering exercises for individuals as appropriate. No one is left to struggle, and most importantly, I feel safe in her hands.

With this experience in mind I would, with no hesitation, recommend Kerry's classes to anyone.”

Carol Testimonial for Kerry Yaz
November 1, 2012

I have had arthritis for over 20 years but was dismayed to find that the last flare up was actually stopping me walking properly or at any speed. Kerry showed a real interest and understanding of my condition, always making sure that I had options to do if the exercise was too challenging. After three months of Pilates classes in conjunction with exercising at home and regular walking, I have attained a level of activity with which I am really happy and my overall fitness is much improved. This is in no small measure down to Kerry's professional help.